How to Setup Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin?

How to Setup Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin
How to Setup Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin

It is very important to track your blog to move forward and to do this, Google site kit plugin can be a better option for you, where you get to know many things related to your blog.

What is Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin?

Google Site Kit WordPress This is a plugin, a WordPress plugin made by Google that does a lot of things for you like Google Search Console Optimize, Google Analytics, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Tag Manager and Google Adsense All these investments will be added and you will be able to do all these View services records in one place in your WordPress admin panel.

Google Google Site Kit WordPress is already running in beta version, this plugin aims to track all those account details in one place without going through your account. .

How to Setup Site Kit Plugin in WordPress?

Google Site Kit WordPress How to setup the plugin, for this, first you login to your WordPress admin panel, then go above the plugin on the left side and click on Add new.

Now type in the search plugin box on the right side Site Kit by Google As soon as you type this much word, you will see the site kit plugin on the first number, install it by clicking on it and then activate it by clicking again.

After installing this plugin, as you click on Activate, after activation, you will come to your WordPress plugin list, and at the top a message will come with congratulations the site kit plugin is now activated.

And there will be a button below it, above which will be written Start Setup, if you want, given by Google for this plugin Google privacy policy can also read.

Connecting Google Site Kit to Google Search Console-

Now to setup this plugin you have to click on start setup and on clicking you will come to the setup page of this plugin, now here you have to first verify the ownership of your website, for this sign in given below Click on the Google with button.

As soon as you click on Sign in with Google, this plugin will ask you to sign in with your Google account, a list of all the emails that are active in your browser will appear, the same email from which you created your Google Search Console account Click above the same email to sign in.

On click it will ask you for some permission, you will allow it, with your permission your website ownership will be verified and then this plugin will ask for permission to access your google account data, then you will click on Allow again.

As soon as you give permission, a message will appear in front of you by writing Welcome to Site Kit Let’s Get You Set up i.e. the setup of this plugin is now complete, now you will click on the Go to My Dashboard button below.

As soon as you click on Go to My Dashboard, you will be back to the admin panel of your WordPress, your setup with Search Console is complete, now you will be able to see your Search Console data in the admin panel here. WordPress itself.

But along with this there are three more services of this plugin, Adsense, Google Analytics and Page Speed ​​Insights. If you connect these three accounts with this plugin, then you will also be able to see the data of these three accounts in WordPress itself.

To see the data of Google Analytics, you open Google Analytics in your browser and then you are able to see all the data of your website but if you link that account through this plugin then you have to open Google Analytics separately. will not be required.

As soon as you open your WordPress admin panel, you will be able to analyze all the Google Analytics data in the dashboard itself, and similarly, you can access these accounts to view your Adsense data and PageSpeed ​​Insights data in WordPress itself. Must be connected to google site kit.

Now let’s take down the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin and learn how to connect these three accounts to this plugin to see the data for the remaining three services Google Analytics, Adsense, and PageSpeed ​​Insights.

Connecting Google Site Kit Plugin to Google Analytics-

You login to your wordpress admin panel, and if you have setup sitekit google with search console then you will see the option of Site Kit under the dashboard in the top left side, hover your mouse over it and then setings Click above.

On clicking above the settings, the page of site kit will open in front of you, here you will get three options, one connected services and second connect more services and third admin settings then you have to click on connect more services.

After clicking on connect more services, all the services that you can connect to this plugin will appear below, here we will first connect your google analytics account to this plugin.

google site kit plugin To connect to your google analytics account, you click on setup analytics, you can see in the above picture it is tick marked.

After clicking on setup analytics, this plugin will ask you to sign in with the same email that you have created your google analytics account with, and if you have activated that email in the browser then that email will appear You click on it.

Now sitekit google Your Google account will ask for permission to access some services, click on Allow below, don’t worry, this plugin is also from Google and Google Analytics is also a product of Google, so you are not giving permission to any third party Rather, giving permission to Google itself.

After clicking on Allow, the setup of Google Analytics will be completed with this plugin and you will come back to the dashboard of the wordpress admin panel, there is still some work left here, now here you will get your Google Analytics account name, property and view. Now click on Configure Analytics at the bottom.

By clicking above configure Analytics Google Site Kit WordPress The plugin will complete the process of connecting your Google Analytics account. Now we will learn to connect pagespeed insights from google site kit plugin in the next step.

Connecting Pagespeed Insights to the Google Site Kit Plugin-

For this, login to your WordPress admin panel, move the mouse over the site kit under the dashboard and click on the settings. Now click on connect more services and click on setup page speed insights below.

and doing so Google Site Kit WordPress Pagespeed insights will be connected to the plugin and you will be able to see the speed of your site or page in the WordPress admin panel itself and will also be able to fix it if there is some deficiency.

So far we have connected our search console, google analytics and pagespeed insights in site kit by google, now we will learn to connect our adsense account with site kit plugin.

Linking Adsense Account to Google Site Kit Plugin-

If you have placed adsense ad in your blog or website, then you will be able to see all its data in your WordPress admin panel itself, for this you will not have to login to your adsense account separately, if you login to your adsense account. google site kit plugin then connect to .

To link Adsense account with Google Site Kit Plugin, login to your WordPress admin panel, click on Settings by moving mouse over Site Kit under the dashboard in the top left side.

Now in the box with Adsense click on connect service, on clicking, this plugin will ask you to sign in with your Adsense account email.


The email from which you created your Google search console or Google Analytics account should also be your adsense account from the same email, many times we use another person’s Adsense account for our blog or YouTube channel, in this situation we will use the site You will not be able to link Kit Plugin through Adsense.

If you have a Google search console, Google Analytics and Adsense account with the same email, then only you will be able to link your Adsense account through this plugin by doing this process.

Like you will click on connect services below in the adsense box in your wordpress admin panel, this plugin will ask you to sign in with your adsense account email, if that email is active in your system then it will appear then you click on it and then click on Allow at the bottom.

By clicking on Allow, your Adsense account will be linked with the Site Pest plugin, and the data that you used to see by logging into your Adsense account, now you will be able to see that data in your WordPress admin panel itself.

Apart from this, you can also link Google Tag Manager Account to site kit by google, if you run your blog on WordPress. Google Site Kit WordPress Make sure to use the plugin, through this you can easily rectify the shortcomings in your website by viewing the data of your multiple accounts from one place.

After setting up this plugin properly, whenever you open your WordPress admin panel, you will be able to see the data of all the services connected by clicking on the Dashboard of the Site Kit plugin below the dashboard above.

Final Word-

There are thousands of plugins or say that there are millions of plugins on WordPress, we would advise you to use at least plugins because they affect the loading speed of our site, which you can do by yourself. Don’t use plugins for that.

Second thing and important thing we would like to tell you that while installing any plugin, it must be checked that how is that plugin, how many people have installed it, what is its rating etc. If you use any plugin of Google If you are going to do it, then you do not need to doubt its credibility because all the products of Google are super, there is no shortage in them.

Many times, even installing a random plugin can cause many problems in our WordPress site, so before installing any plugin, make sure to check its reliability thoroughly.

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