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Your baby is your world. It’s the best day of a parent’s life when your little tiny tot is born. You start all the preparations to welcome your baby in advance. You clean your house and decorate the nursery. Your baby’s biggest risk when they are born is infection and their number one protection against that infection is their skin.
When they are born have blue feet and hands and that’s totally normal because your baby is transitioning from an environment where they lived in water to an environment where they are living and breathing air and there is a lot of things that have to take place during that transition.

Their blood vessels are not fully opened yet, so they are not fully able to oxygenate the hands and feet. So the blood goes to the central part of the body where all the organs are where it’s needed and then in time the baby transitions, their little hands, and feet will be warm and turned pink.  As the baby’s immune system is not developed enough to protect him from diseases, special precautions should be taken to keep your tiny tot safe. There is no alternative but to keep yourself and the baby’s surroundings clean.


Some Baby Care Skills For The Parents.

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Keep Your Hands Clean:

Before picking up your baby always wash your hands or disinfect your hands. Your hands are full of germs, it can infect your baby’s skin. You unwantedly can become a path for germs to reach your tiny tot which can cause your baby skin rashes, infections, or diseases. So always clean your hands before touching your little bundle of joy.

Getting The Baby To Sleep:

Newborn’s sleeping problems come from the fact that inside the womb, it’s always dark and cozy, and the baby is used to that setting. So once they enter our world, they have to adjust to changes in light. Try to lit up the room during the day and dim lights at night. This will help your little joy understand the difference between the day and night times. Remember the baby will take time to get used to our world, so be a little patient.

Get Yourself To Sleep:

Synch your sleep cycle with your baby, it will help you get enough sleep and rest so that you’re fresh and full of energy when you’re awake. If you won’t get enough sleep you will feel grouchy.

Holding The Baby:

It is extremely important to make sure that your baby’s neck is supported. You can do that by either cradling the baby in your arms or keeping one of your hands under their head. This is because a newborn’s neck muscles are too weak to hold the head up. So you have to help them out with that.

Keeping An Eye On The Umbilical Cord:

Parents should always keep an eye on the umbilical cord that it should always be clean and dry. So until the cord falls off, this might take two weeks or so. The tiny tot should only be given sponge baths. You can switch to the tub after the cord has fallen off. And if you see any sign of infection like a yellowish discharge or foul smell, contact the doctor immediately.

Changing Diapers:

It is not a challenging task to do, parents get used to it very often. But there are some things to remember. Always wash your hands before and after changing the diaper, it will prevent bacteria on your hands from getting on the baby. Always wipe from front to back- this will help prevent infection, especially for baby girls. And always make sure that the baby’s skin is clean and dry before putting on a new fresh diaper to prevent diaper rashes. Also, make sure the diaper doesn’t go up on the umbilical cord if it hasn’t fallen off yet.


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